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Sunday, 10-Aug-2008 09:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bangkok - August 08

tgh tunggu welcome drinks ni
the most comfy bed...
very clean bathroom..
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bangkok in summary is a nice place to shop unique t shirt designs and shoesss.. and its cheap.
But food.. especially seafood is very very expensive..avoid eating seafood here.. much more cheaper at phuket n bali...

stayed in pullman king power hotel bangkok.. 4D3N.. the bed is the most comfortable bed I have ever experienced.. even compared to much more expensive resort/hotel ive been, this is most comfy. The hotel is new, clean and there is a duty free shop beside pullman (King power duty free shop). But if you want to buy perfum, etc, better buy at bangkok airport coz they will keep it (although u have paid for it) n u need to claim it at suvarnabumi airport before departure. leceh..

tuk tuk is easy to get but beware of those sweet promisesfrom the drivers. u will end up getting troubles. So negotiate first before jumping on it. Pullman is quite convenient coz they provide free shuttle every 2 hours to and from pratunam market. Also they provide every 5 minutes free tuk tuk to the nearest MRT station (near victoria monument). So its quite a good choice if you want to stay in bangkok. price is average..not too expensive, not too low.

For tour, we only pegi for canal cruise (which only cost about rm50) for 4 person and its a half day tour. But you need to tip the driver and the tour guide after that.. so we spent about rm150/4 person for half day tour.. not bad....

shopping, biasa la..pegi la pratunam market or chatuchak (i like it here, so many junks hehe).. mbk pun ok juga.. but siam paragon x yah klcc je..x murah pe pun.. i only bought an ipod casing sbb ade discount, tu je

overall..if bw duit beribu mmg ble abis kejap je kat bangkok...
im planning to go there again with frens ...

Sunday, 10-Aug-2008 07:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Langkawi - April 08

mama & cucu nye
kat jetty langkawi
helang langkawi
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This trip is a week after perhentian's trip.
Pegi langkawi biasa la..jalan2 skit, then shopping.. ade satu tmpt makan kat pekan kuah..
nama nye wonderful seafood.. sedap dan murah..chinese cooking...yum yum...

Kali ni family yop e ikut us.. they stayed in langkasuka resort while hubby and me stayed in sheraton resort langkawi.. emm tgh berdua ni kena la duk resort best skit..merasa smua resort yg best dulu..sementara tade tanggungan ni.. and the sheraton resort is great...

we sewa 3 biji kereta, around rm70/day..pegi lawat aquaria, cable car, and shopping...

x pena try pi pulau payar lagi..nanti mebe try..aritu tak try coz ramai yg pegi and the pulau payar package is expensive..around rm150 - 200/person..karut kalu nk bw bebudak tu smua..

only stayed there 3D2N..then pics yg akhir2 were taken when we sent Yop Mi & Family to KLIA ..departure to UK... sedih..rindu derang smua..

Sunday, 10-Aug-2008 06:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Perhentian trip -April 08

my pretty niece..aishah ..kat tasik banding
rehat kejap after about 3 hours drive from Ipoh
active nana ..
View all 41 photos... betul pi perhentian besar, breathtaking.. pegi ngan family yop mi..they came back from UK for cuti and joined with his good frens punye family..bestbest..meriah..
depa duk cocohut chalet, we (hubby and me) stayed at perhentian island resort..kunun sbb ade pool but hampeh..koto nk kolam ikan je..rasenye kalu ikan idup dlm tu pun ble mati kejap je...but the beach is one of the finest..can straight snorkle in front of the chalet.. in fact laut depan chalet kitaorg is tmpt org local bw tourist dtg snorkling.. so best la..x yah pegi jauh2..
ingat nk duk tuna bay with the rest but fully book. Cocohut tak cun, budget chalet but food was ok.
I had a great time with the kids..they are so naughty but entertaining .. missing them...

next trip, going to perhentian kecil plak hehehe...

Sunday, 10-Aug-2008 05:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jakarta Bandung trip - Jan 2008

shoes in mangga dua jakarta, bersepah
view from hotel room
amik gamba with giant teddy in senayan city
View all 46 photos... took me a long time before having the time to update my fp. Ok, buat yg awal tahun punye dulu. We (mom, sis, hubby, me) went to Jakarta 1 nights and 2 or 3 nights (* cannot remember) in Bandung. In Jakarta, we stayed in Atlet Century, location was ok, near high end mall, latest mall Senayan City. Amik this hotel coz swimming pool dia 50 metres long (olympic type).. Kitaorg pegi a few places...sbb awal tahun pegi, so lupe skit nama tmpt ..some places we went e.g pasar baru, wtc mangga dua, senayan city and so on..ptg je swimming, coz panas giler waktu siang..
Personal opinion, i dont really like Jakarta coz too macet (traffic jammed everywhere)..

So the next day, we went to Bandung, naik van, and we managed to drop by Tmn Safari in Bogor which was worth it. Cuaca sejuk, best..and we dont have to walk coz van will take us around to see the animals.. cuma kt ujung dia stop for elephants' show and tgk cewek2 bandung yg gebu buat performance ngan gajah (wait wait, im not a lesbi though hehe). Sempat bergamba ngan albino tiger, lion cub ..etc..kakak punye le seronok dpt bergamba, abis ati..

Then we proceed to Bandung.. stayed in holiday inn, which is nice.. havent got the chance to swim though coz bandung bukan panas sgt.. and sibok pi shopping kat outlet yg besepah kat situ. The rest is history la.. abis duit bla bla..

Might go to bandung again

Tuesday, 11-Dec-2007 22:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
UK/Paris Trip Aug to Sept 07

cutie pie, Adam Danish Azmi ..
Yong at Yop Mi's house
Family in Bristol
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its just soooo wonderful.. went to lotsa places..
in uk, went to dover for mackerel fishing, see the sibling of stone henge -> the stone circle, went to apple/fruits picking, cheddar, bristol ikea, the suspension bridge in bristol, clark village/bicester village for shopping, even stayed in London for a day to take my huby around the city, this is his first time in London so we did walked alot + used the underground train..fuihh...but it was worth it, went to places like : madame tussauds (so many celebrities' wax), harrod at knightsbridge to see the memorial of Dodi al fayed & princess Diana, tower bridge of London, buckingham palace, hyde park, st james park, hard rock cafe london, the guard house, parliment house, big ben ..etc.
After London trip, we continue our journey with the whole family to DisneyLand Paris for 4 days and 3 nights. Last time I went to Paris, didnt manage to get in the Disney so this time, we spend 3 days in the park/studio and 1 day excursion to Paris city (just hubby and me) ..again to take him we did went to see the famous champs de elysees, to the place de concorde, then walked up to Museum de lourve, then heading to Notre Dame, river seine and of course the glorious Eiffel Tower. Was harrassed by some Gipsies though ..
Well, the "places we went" list is enough with the stories..just check out the pics

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